Cash Flow Mastery

Thank you for visiting us to find out more about the Cash Flow Mastery programme.

The Cash Flow Mastery programme is designed to supplement the ideas and concepts in my Cash Flow Surge book, although you can complete the Mastery programme without reading the book first.

In the Cash Flow Mastery programme, we take things a step further and put together a fully integrated plan to maximise sales in your business, minimise your costs and generate the cash you need to put your business on a sound financial footing.

With Cash Flow Mastery, cash flow worries become a thing of the past. There’s less stress and worry for you as a business owner. And with cash in the bank you can take advantage of opportunities when they come along, instead of cash pressures holding you back.

So, what is Cash Flow Mastery and how does it benefit your business?

First and foremost, Cash Flow Mastery helps you and your team think differently. After all, the outcomes you have now are the result of people in your business thinking the way they do now.

If you want different outcomes, your people need to think differently. That’s where Cash Flow Mastery comes in.

And don’t imagine that beefing up your monthly reporting or introducing new targets and KPIs will magically solve all your problems. I’ve rarely seen extra reports and more targets make a positive difference to any business.

Here’s why – anything you read in a monthly report or a management information pack has, by definition, already happened.

At best, you can take corrective action so next month isn’t quite so bad, but it’s always more expensive to put a problem right after it’s happened than to stop things going wrong in the first place.

Most management reporting is like the CSIs at a crime scene trying to work out who the murderer was. Cash Flow Mastery is all about making sure nobody gets shot in the first place.

That’s why Cash Flow Mastery doesn’t try to explain the past, like most management reports. It looks forward, not backwards.

Cash Flow Mastery is a six-step process which maximises the sales you make and the prices you charge while minimising the cost of running your business and putting more cash in your bank account.

You can complete the Cash Flow Mastery programme in three different ways – through an executive coaching programme, as an in-company remote-delivered programme or through a public programme. Each option is designed to fit the needs of different sizes of business at different stages of development.

More on those options in a moment, but first, let’s have a look at the benefits to your business of participating in the Cash Flow Mastery programme – all delivery options follow the same structure.

Step 1 – Your Mission

First, we get really clear on your mission.  We get under the skin of your business and personal objectives to work out how best to make your business stand out from your competition. We get really clear on why a prospective customer should buy from you, over and above any other option, including doing nothing at all.

You can call it a mission. You can call it a vision. You can call it a USP. You can call it a strapline. You can call it a strategy. Frankly, you can call it anything you like.

But if you don’t give customers a compelling reason to buy from you, the only basis they have for choosing who to buy from is whoever quotes the lowest price.

If every business in your sector looks the same, sounds the same and acts the same, that’s the only variable left.

You already know what that does to your margins…it slashes them to the bone while you and your competitors are forced to slug it out over every order.

If you’re happy with customers grinding you down on price, making you compete with all their other suppliers for every scrap of work, keeping you dancing to their tune, then just keep going as you are.

But if you’ve read this far, you’re probably already tired of that life. You want to do things differently.

Which is just as well – you need to be different from your competition to reinvent your business as a cash-generating machine.

But here’s a dirty little secret…

The last thing your customers want is for you to be different. It suits them perfectly to keep every supplier looking the same because that’s how they get the greatest leverage to grind all their suppliers down on price.

In turn, that’s exactly why standing out from your competition through a distinctive mission should be your top priority.

And also why it’s the very first step in the Cash Flow Mastery programme.

Once we’ve got your mission sorted, we move on to bake that advantage into the way your business operates on a daily basis.

Step 2 – The Business Model

Having a mission is great — inspiring, even. But without a business model, a machine that churns away reliably, hassle-free, day-in day-out, your mission will remain a dream.

That’s why Marketing and HR-led business improvement initiatives rarely succeed. They’re not short of meetings about missions and values, but they fail because nothing changes under the bonnet.

A shiny new mission statement or some updated company values laid on top of your existing people and processes will make almost no difference to your business.

That’s why Step 2 of the Cash Flow Mastery programme is about making sure there’s real change in the day-to-day operations of your business to turn it into a cash-generating machine.

We’re rigorous about tracking down the “things that have always been done that way” and see whether doing them differently would be better for your cash flow…they usually do.

We challenge the “accepted wisdom” that adds cost to your business without adding a greater benefit at the same time.

And we uncover the places…sometimes whole departments…whose sole reason for existing is to patch up problems caused by other departments in your business. (Don’t think for a moment this doesn’t happen to you – it’s a part of every business, and in my experience the businesses who have the most of it are the ones who think this doesn’t happen to them.)

These opportunities can be hard to spot. Everyone has a story about why they’re indispensable as individuals and why their department is absolutely vital to the company’s operations.

But I’ve yet to see a business which doesn’t have opportunities to make significant cost savings by thinking differently about their business model.

Get that right and building a profitable, growing, cash-generating machine becomes a breeze…at least, relatively speaking.

That’s why it’s the cornerstone of Step 2 of the Cash Flow Mastery programme.

Step 3 – Boosting Sales

With a cash-generating business model in place, the next step is to increase your revenues through a combination of increasing your prices and selling more often to more people.

Most business owners understand selling to more people as a route to business growth. “Of course we need more customers to grow our business,” everybody says.

But many business owners shy away from increasing prices because they’ve been brainwashed over the years by their customers’ frequent “you’re too expensive” messages…even though most businesses can put up their prices much faster than they can land a new customer.

There is, however, an important subtlety to boosting your revenues that we cover in Cash Flow Mastery. It’s not just waving a magic wand.

Generally, customers don’t want to pay more than they do just now, of course. But what we do instead is convince your customers…or at least a good proportion of them…that it’s in their own best interest to let you charge them more.

Let’s be clear.

This isn’t about taking advantage of your customers – that always backfires in the end – it’s about stopping your customers taking advantage of you.

Here’s why boosting revenues is key part of Cash Flow Mastery – if your cost base remains the same, every extra pound, dollar or euro you charge a client is a sale you’re making at a 100% margin. And let’s face it, how often can you get margins like that?

If you think it can’t be done, in fact it’s surprisingly easy.

Every day around the world people at McDonald’s are asked “would you like fries with that?” and a proportion of them say yes. Admittedly it costs the restaurant a few extra pennies to cook the fries, but they’re still making 90%+ margins on every customer who says yes.

And ask yourself this – have you ever seen someone complain about the extra fries they never intended to buy when they went into their local McDonald’s?

Nope, me neither – happy customers and extra sales translates into more profit for the business owner. And the customers are happy even though they’re spending more money than they’d originally intended…just like yours will be by the time we’ve finished Step 3 of Cash Flow Mastery.

Step 4 – Resource Planning

All the business modelling and pricing strategies in the world count for very little if the operating expenses in the business are greater than the price charged to customers. Every extra penny you spend running your business is an extra penny that comes out your cash flow.

So Step 4 of Cash Flow Mastery is to take an in-depth look at your operating processes and fine-tune them to make they’re running at the lowest possible cost.

This isn’t a “slash and burn” approach. Any idiot can slash costs willy-nilly, and every year quite a few idiots do. The smarter ones live to regret it, the dumber ones wonder why they’ve gone out of business.

Resource planning is a careful balancing act, making sure your customers get the service they’re paying for…especially if they’re now paying a higher price than they used to…while also making sure you maximise your business cash flow.

Here we need to switch the thinking inside your business again.

In the same way businesses are brainwashed by their customers into thinking they’re too expensive all the time, businesses brainwash themselves that they’ve done everything they possibly could to reduce costs as far as humanly possible. That’s rarely the case either.

In one business I reduced unit operating costs by 56% in two years without getting rid of any staff, shutting any facilities or reducing the rates of pay.

The previous management had done a decent enough job to minimise costs in a traditional sense and had done most of the things you’d have expected from a smart, professional management team.

But it turned out those costs could be cut by more than half when we thought about the problem differently. Just like we’ll do together in Step 4 of Cash Flow Mastery.

Step 5 – Targets and KPIs

Now we’ve boosted your sales and reduced your costs, the next step is to put in place the targets and KPIs for your team to deliver against.

You know that old saying “what gets measured gets managed”? Well that’s what we’re doing here. That’s how you focus your team on their biggest priorities and make sure they deliver.

Too many business either measure the wrong things altogether or they measure the right things at too great a level of detail and end up making a (very expensive) cottage industry out of something that should be simple.

In Cash Flow Mastery, you’ll discover how to use the business model to create a system of targets and KPIs which are completely integrated with how you run your business.

That means there’s no wasted effort. Nobody’s going down rabbit holes which don’t add value to your business. Instead, you get the information you need to keep your business on track for profits and cash flow without bombarded you with piles of stats, graphs and charts which add very little to the running of the business.

Keeping your teams focused on their targets while minimising distractions is a key element in maximising your cash flow.

In practice, that’s usually a lot harder than it sounds, which is why so many businesses live with tracking and reporting systems which cost vastly more than they need to and which bake extra overhead into your business without bring any great benefit.

Once Step 5 of Cash Flow Mastery is complete, you can focus attention on what you do need…and improving results over time…without being distracted by piles of stuff you don’t need (and often giving your team hiding places to excuse under-performance).

Step 6 – Putting It All Together

Till now we’ve kept each element of the process separate because otherwise we’re trying to manage too many variables at the same time, which rarely works as well as it could.

However, ultimately your business needs to run as a complete ecosystem with all the different elements pulling in the same direction. So now we put it all back together again and check everything works as it should.

It’s like building a new engine for a car – it might run fine on the engineering bench, but until you connect the engine up to the fuel, oil and brakes and run it round the test track, you’ll never know for sure everything’s working as it should.

Also, by this stage in the process, we’ll have learned a lot about your business, how the people in it currently operate and the possibilities for improvement in the future.

So before we launch the new programme to the wider business it’s a good time to check whether, knowing what we know now and incorporating any new perspectives we’ve discovered along the way, there are any elements we might want to tweak.

This is a good time to check the theory actually works in practice when you put it all back into the real world again.

Once we’ve done that, if it still works as intended after a quick blast around the test track…great!

And if we have to take the engine back into the workshop briefly to tighten up a couple of things, that’s great too. Now we know when the race starts, everything will be in perfect working order and we’ll have the best possible chance of winning.

That, in a nutshell, is our six-step Cash Flow Mastery programme. It gets you to where you want to be – making more sales, minimising your costs and maximising your cash flow.

Transforming your business cash flow is simple with the Cash Flow Mastery programme. All you need to do now is choose how you’d prefer to go through the programme. Your options are:

1 – Executive Coaching Programme

This is our most prestigious programme and highly tailored to your specific business needs.

The Executive Coaching Programme kicks off with a three-day workshop where we’ll design all the elements of the Cash Flow Mastery process with you and your top team.

This is where we scope everything out together and make sure we’ve designed exactly the business you want to run while maximising the cash it generates.

That’s followed by a monthly executive coaching session for you and your team to make sure everyone stays on track and the excitement of those three days together at the launch workshop doesn’t get forgotten when everyone’s back at their desk.

The reality of business life is that lots of things could happen after the three-day workshop to blow your perfectly made plans off-course. A continuing coaching relationship makes sure the business stays on track and the objectives you set out at the workshop become a reality.

Because of the time, energy and commitment required to deliver the Executive Coaching programme, acceptance is limited and strictly on application. Please also note that to get the full benefit of this programme your business needs to have annual sales of at least £3 million (or $3 million, or equivalent in your local currency).

I want to be absolutely sure we’re able to help you and that you’re right for us. So we need to speak before you’re accepted onto the programme.

I don’t want either of us wasting our time and money if we’re not on the same wavelength, or if I don’t think I can help. Drop me a line via the Contact page and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

The investment for the executive coaching programme is £39,400 for the full 12 month programme (UK VAT at 20% plus all travel and accommodation costs are extra).

Of course, that’s a substantial investment, but we guarantee to add at least £100,000 a year to your business cash flow by the end of the 12 month programme, or we keep working with you for free until we do, so you always get a great return on investment.

And, of course, you get the ongoing benefit of that cash flow boost for many years to come, increasing your return on investment many times over. What starts as a great RoI after 12 months becomes a spectacular RoI when you’re still running the same strategies 5, 8 or 10 years down the line and they’re still putting plenty of extra cold, hard cash on your bottom line month after month.

If you think you might be a good fit for our executive coaching delivery of Cash Flow Mastery, please get in touch via the contact page.

I’ll arrange to speak with you before accepting your business onto the programme as I need to understand the specific problems and opportunities you’re facing to be sure the programme is going to add value to your business. If I don’t think I can, I’ll tell you, and try to suggest a way forward that might make more sense for you right now.

And I also need to know you’re committed to seeing the programme through and realising the significant benefits it delivers.

Sadly, in this day and age, some people have the attention span of a teenager juiced up on full-sugar Coca-Cola fast-scrolling through their Instagram stories. People who start 100 projects without ever completing more than a couple are unlikely to ever realise the benefits of Cash Flow Mastery, so I go to great lengths to make sure we don’t accept them on the Cash Flow Mastery programme.

However, if you’re tired of struggling along and fed up of missing out on opportunities because your business doesn’t generate the cash flow you need to make a step change in profits and cash flow, then get in touch. I’ll be glad to talk.

2 – In-Company Remote Delivery

Our remote delivery options are structured around a series of six 90-minute video calls spaced one week apart. We run through the same exact process as the executive coaching programme’s three-day launch event, with nothing held back, but delivery thereafter is down to you and your team.

That way, the level of investment is correspondingly lower, making it more affordable for smaller businesses.

We can take up to 10 attendees from the same business on each In-Company programme, so you can get your entire top team in there if you want, giving them the opportunity to absorb the strategies we cover and make sure they’re fully on board from Day 1. Or you can run through the programme yourself and brief them later – the choice is yours.

Just like the executive coaching delivery, everything is structured specifically around your business so you end up with the same individualised plan that a business on the executive coaching programme would.

The cost of the individual remote delivery programme is £5000, plus UK VAT at 20%, payable in full prior to the start of the programme.

If in-company remote delivery sounds like something you’d like to explore further, get in touch via the Contact page.

I’ll be in touch to see whether Cash Flow Mastery is the right option for your business. (If it isn’t, I’ll do my best to point you at another option which might be more appropriate at this moment in time.)

3 – Group Sessions

This follows the same structure as our individual remote delivery option, with a series of weekly 90-minute video calls over a six-week period.

The logistics of getting a group together means we only open applications for our group delivery approach a few times a year.

Applications are currently closed, but if you’d like to join us the next time the group programme runs, be sure to get in touch via the Contact page and we’ll let you know when the group programme next runs.

Because we spread the cost of Cash Flow Mastery across a wider range of businesses so the investment for one person to attend the group programme is only £1000, plus UK VAT at 20%. This is payable in full prior before the programme runs and, just like for in-company delivery, we restrict the group size to a maximum of 10 to make sure everyone gets the chance to participate fully.

Again, you can choose to take advantage of our ongoing remote-delivered coaching programme when you register for the group delivery version of Cash Flow Mastery. This allows you to personalise the content we develop in the group programme to the specific needs of your business and can represent a very cost-effective way for smaller businesses to get the benefits of the Cash Flow Mastery programme.

Whichever option you select, the Cash Flow Mastery programme is guaranteed to increase your sales, minimise your costs and maximise your cash flow.

By setting up your business differently, you stand out from the rest of your industry – not just for what you do, but for how you do it.

Your unique mission and approach to customers is balanced by a slick and efficient business model which delivers on that mission at the lowest possible cost.

From there, it’s a simple equation – increased sales and reduced costs means more profits, more cash flow and more money in the bank for you.

That’s why Cash Flow Mastery reduces the stress and worries of running your business and leaves you free to grow your business as you’d always wanted to.

With cash in the bank, you’re beholden to no-one. You can take the business where you want it to go. You get the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Alastair Thomson
Finance Director and CFO
Author: “Cash Flow Surge: 101 No-Cost and Low-Cost Fast Action Strategies to Boost Your Business Cash Flow”

PS: With three different ways to join the Cash Flow Mastery programme, there’s a range of flexible and affordable options which work for every type of business – all of which increase your sales income, minimise your costs and maximise your cash flow.

Get started today and watch cash flow worries become a thing of the past. Just get in touch via our Contact page and let me know which option you’re interested in – Executive Coaching, In-Company Remote Delivery or Group Sessions

Whichever option is right for you, I look forward to working with you soon.