Cash Flow Surge Book

Cash flow is always tight for growing businesses. No wonder – there’s tax and VAT to pay. Your staff all want more money. Suppliers demand price increases at the slightest excuse. And customers don’t pay on time, whatever the Late Payment Regulations say.

Cash Flow Surge Book Cover

Now, after 30 years of helping businesses increase sales, reduce costs and make cash flow worries a thing of the past, I’ve collected some of my favourite strategies in this special guide for business owners – there’s no confusing technical language, no complicated processes to follow and you won’t even need a calculator.

Just dive in anywhere you like – this is a guide for business owners, not a novel that needs to be read from front to back – and start making big changes in minutes.

Inside Cash Flow Surge: 101 No-Cost and Low-Cost Fast-Action Strategies to Boost Your Business Cash Flow you’ll discover:

  • how hitting targets can cost you sales…an insight from a CEO voted The Most Admired Manager of the 20th Century by a top American business magazine (Strategy 90)
  • where you can cut costs by up to 90% without affecting sales or customer service…in fact, customers usually love it when you do this (Strategy 41)
  • the completely free five-minute check which pinpoints the biggest problems in your business (Strategy 66)
  • how to build sales and cash flow at warp speed, and at close to zero cost, by taking a leaf out an iconic Scottish soft drink company’s playbook (Strategy 95)
  • how anchors maximise the value of each sale you make…and you don’t even need to sell boats to benefit (Strategy 11)
  • how one car manufacturer, known for its robot-powered factories, dramatically reduced costs without automation…it makes perfect sense when you know why (Strategy 20)
  • the “undertaker’s secret” that’s a reliable sign of exactly where, without realising it, your business is likely to be overspending (Strategy 61)

…and many, many more.

The strategies in Cash Flow Surge require little or no upfront investment. And they pay off fast, so the risk is close to zero and your potential upside huge. That way, you grow faster and make more money…without taking on extra debt or having to give away a share of your business to get the funding you need.

With cash in the bank you answer to no-one. You have the freedom to run your business the way you want. Cash Flow Surge shows you 101 ways to get it.

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About the Author

Alastair Thomson specialises in helping businesses increase revenues, reduce costs and build stronger cash flow. Since his first Finance Director role 30 years ago, he’s helped build great businesses for both entrepreneurs and household name brands across the manufacturing, marketing, higher education, business services and professional services sectors.